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Household appliances

100 pieces. Coffee machines cleaning effervescent Tablets Universal descaling solution for all types of coffee machines

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  • Regular cleaning: The use of descaling tablets is important to remove mineral deposits a
  • Better coffee tasting: Descaling tablets can save you a lot of money to provide better tastin
  • Prevent flavor transfer: When switching between regular, decaffeinated and flavored coffee bean
  • Best time to use: Descaling decalcification is usually performed according to the instr
  • Scope of application: coffee machines, electric kettles, water dispensers, humidifiers, disi
  • Minimum unit: 100000015
  • Sold At: sell_by_piece
  • Logistics weight: 0.253
  • Logistics size - width (cm): 9
  • Brand name: Cikuso
  • Certification: NONE
  • Logistics size - length (cm): 11
  • Each package: 1
  • Logistics size - height (cm): 5
  • Origin: China

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